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Read for yourself the testimonials from a handful of the clients that have received coaching!



Misha Grimes

Miss Teen British Isles 2015

We can't describe how happy we feel when we see the girls actually living out their dreams and succeeding at everything they want to do!
Here is Misha's review:

"Since having my first training session with Rachael, I loved it so much, I had to come back for more! I was due to compete in Miss Teen British Iles in late April and wanted to refresh my knowledge before hitting the stage again. Rachael’s friendly smiley face was there waiting for me at the door as I arrived and I couldn’t have been happier to see her! Once we discussed what I wanted to achieve from the session we sipped away at our coffees and got on with the real work! We discussed how this pageant was different to any I had done before and we focused on how to strike the right balance between a Model and a pageant girl! We then moved on to the stage session where she preened me to perfection and had me strutting for hours (which I loved). Sadly somehow we had reached the end of our session and I walked away with confidence ready to compete and a lot of motivation to work for that crown. I was so glad to have Rachael there with me every step of the journey (or at least over the phone line). For me pageant training was a chance to better myself in my performance and relieve any worries I had about me interview or stage round. When it came to the day of the completion I felt very prepared for my day ahead thanks to Rachael’s very helpful list of the necessitates I would need for any pageant. The rounds where over and my fate was in the hands of the judges. I felt so honoured to have Rachael there with me holding my hand! Thanks to both mine and Rachael’s hard work I walked away with the crown and an amazing list of prizes. However what meant even more to me was that I had here there the moment I was announced and her face spoke a thousand words (all good!). The support she still gives me since my crowning is incredible and it has just shown me how much Rachael really cares about the girls she trains! So if I can give 1 piece of advice to any pageant girl or girls starting pageants is TRAIN WITH RACHAEL at The Pageant Coaching Academy, she helps you get that one step closer to the crown and I cannot wait to work with her in the future. Rachael you are a true role model and I look up to you like a sister, thank you for helping me secure my crown as I defiantly couldn’t have done it without your guidance and support. Misha, Miss Teen British Isles 2015 xox

Saffron Corcoran

Miss Teen Galaxy England 2015

Saffron went on to win the Miss Teen Galaxy England Title after her coaching session and ongoing support!


How fantastic does she look?! Here is her review:


"I had the most amazing day with Rachael, we started with a nice catch up. We spent a long time focusing on interview in greater detail and I managed to draw out my qualities and get these across in my answers. During this time, I realised the do's and don'ts of interview and now I feel like I've mastered it! When we went to practise stage work and routines, Rachael was very honest and helped me perfect my poses to ensure my poses help my body look its best. It was good to have routines in place as I never considered them before. 


I couldn't recommend a day session enough, I've walked away a new person with greater knowledge. Thank you so much Rachael, I look forward to making you proud!"



Arabella Normand

Miss Galaxy Scotland 2015

Bella opted for an Interview only session, here is her review!


"I booked a session with Rachael to cover interview technique and I am really glad I did as it has proved very beneficial!


Rachael contacted me prior to the session letting me know what she wanted me to think about in preparation for our session and then, on the day, we worked through all my questions and queries and concentrated on giving my answers more structure.


Thanks to Rachael, I am now more prepared and confident of my ability to get my points across succinctly in interview!"


Bella went on to win Best in Interview as well as other awards during Miss Galaxy Scotland

Misha Grimes

Miss Teen Galaxy Cotswold 2015, 2nd Runner up Teen Galaxy England 2015

Misha and her Mother both received Pageant Coaching! How gorgeous does Misha look inher before and after picture?! Wow! 


Kasha  Mrs Galaxy Cotswold  2015was also very sucessful as she placed 1st runner up in her first ever pageant!


Here is the review:


"We have recently attended a training session with Rachael, prior to meeting With her she fully briefed us on the structure of the day and we shared the objectives we wanted to achieve from the session. 
All these objectives where met by the end of the training day, all that's now needed is a lot of practise.


We found Rachel has the perfect combination of being extremely approachable with the perfect balance of professionalism and a natural ability to show us how to maximise our potential. The whole session from start to finish was seamlessly planned and executed. Not only have we learnt lots but we have had great fun whilst doing so.

Previously I have done 3 pageants and I can honestly say that in one day I have learnt more then I could have ever imagined possible. 

My mum is a newbie in the pageantry world and it was incredible to see how her confidence blossomed as the session progressed. 

Both our needs where very different however Rachel was able to customise her training to taler to our specific areas for development.

Rachael thank you so much for all your help, support and guidance, your knowledge is invaluable and thank you for sharing it with us."


Maegan Beaton

Mrs Galaxy UK 2015

"After a 3-year break from pageantry, I wanted to make sure my skills were sharpened heading in to competition. I had heard about Rachael and knew I just had to work with her!


Prior to our meeting, Rachael outlined the entire day from start to finish so I knew exactly what to expect and prepare myself for. On the day, we began with coffee and a chat to see how far along I was in getting prepared for the competition. Afterwards, we focused on interview and brainstormed ideas on how to answer particular questions. The notes that she suggested I jot down are an extremely helpful reminder of our session and are permanently etched in my mind!


Afterwards, we travelled to the training spot where we went over in-depth routines for Evening Gown, Swimwear, and Fashion Wear. Upon ending our session, Rachael made it a priority to make sure I was confident in every aspect of competition from hair & makeup to my outfit choices. I left feeling confident, empowered, and ready for February!


Rachael is the true epitome of what a pageant coach should be. It was easy to connect with her not just on a professional level, but on a personal level as well. Her energetic spirit makes her a blast to be around while her effective communication skills create a productive environment.


I cannot recommend Rachael enough. Having previously trained with some of the top coaches in pageantry, Rachael exceeded my expectations and is now #1 in my list!"


Fiona Fox Thompson

4th Runner Mrs Bradford Galaxy 2015

I just want to say thank you so much for Sunday! It was really worth doing and I would highly recommend you to anyone wanting pageant training!

I love my routines I feel much more organised and know exactly what I am aiming for! 

I feel much more confident with the dos and donts and know exactly what I need to work on! It made me realise I can't just go in and hope for the best! Organisation and practice is key!! 

Heather Hopkins

Miss Galaxy Wales 2015

Heather Hopkins was crowned Miss Galaxy Wales 2015 after her session! 


"I had a day of pageant training with Rachael for an upcoming pageant and I couldn't recommend her more. Rachael made the whole day about me and my needs and made sure I got the most out of the session.

Prior to the training day, Rachael provided me with a pageant handbook packed with tips and practice questions for interview, outfit and styling advice and much more. We spent a good few hours practicing interview techniques and going over questions which is what I wanted to work on most.

I explained some of my worries about different aspects of competing and Rachael would always share her personal experiences and stories from her time competing which really helped! I felt so much more confident and excited about interview after this. We then went on to practice on stage techniques, walking, posing and stage presence.

My aim for the day was to brush up on my stage presence and to know that what I was practicing was right for the particular pageant system I had entered.

Rachael listened and understood what I wanted to achieve from my session and adapted the lessons to what I needed which was perfect, I couldn't ask for more! The venue Rachael hired for the session was brilliant, we had our own private space with plenty of room and large mirrors. Leaving the session I had a clear idea of everything I needed to do on stage and a whole booklet full of notes to go over for interview.

Rachael is always on hand for me to message with questions regarding hair, make up, outfits etc for when I compete and knowing I have this invaluable support right up to my pageant is simply fantastic. I cannot thank Rachael enough for the help, guidance and advice that she has shared with me. I would encourage anyone with an upcoming pageant to book a training session with Rachael!"


Dionne Adeodu

Miss Teen Cheshire Galaxy 2014, Top 10 Miss Teen England Galaxy 2015

Pageant training with Rachael was such a fun enjoyable day! We started the day by getting a coffee having a nice catching and talking about how my prepartion for Galaxy was going so far.

We then began to practice interview and made a detailed plan to help me know what is important for me to include.

The notes I made I have read every day since and it's glued into my mind I can't stress how helpful it was we covered every asepct in the interview and I know feel so much more convenient and cannot wait for my interview!

We then discussed every aspect of the pageant from appearneces, to hair and makeup with perfect guidance!

After getting lunch we then went to practice my swimwear, fashion and evening walk, I had all my outfits with me which I really benifited from as I could practise and get critisim in my on stage outfits!

We went through every tiny detail to insure my walk was flawless and everything was down to a point.

At the end of the session I was so giddy and excited to get on stage for Galaxy all that was needed was all my hard work and determination!

Id recommend this day to all pageant girls! Thank you so much Rach!

Atlanta McBride

Miss Teen West Yokshire Galaxy 2015

Atlanta went on to make top 10 in interview! Here's Atlanta Jade McBrides review:

"Upon arrival me and Rachael had discussed what I wanted to gain from my training.

Firstly we went over interview techniques and the dos and dont's of meeting the judges, we went over how to structure an answer, as well as presenting myself with clothing options for interview -something I had not put much thought in to.

After discussing the questions I struggled with we moved onto the best part ...GOWNS! Rachael helped me choose what dresses to wear as I had a few sample choices, she gave me amazing advice on what colours worked with my hair colour and skin tone until we made a final decision.

I completed three routines for all my judging rounds from bikini to evening!

After creating some amazing routines we chose what makeup styles and looks I should go for as well as making sure it was appropriate for my age group. I came away with so much more confidence and a greater idea of what I wanted to gain from my pageant as its not just about the winning.

I can not stress how helpful Rachael has been with me! she really is a pageant pro! iv'e got some amazing appearances lined up thanks to her help, thanks again, its been amazing".


Hannah Hunter

Face of Europe and the World 2014

"I have had training off Rachael many times since meeting her first back in 2009. From on stage, interviews for a job or pageant, applications, speeches and general advice.


Most recently, I competed in Face of the World 2014 in Paris. In preparation for this pageant, I had sessions with Rachael to really focus on some key aspects for my routines.


Specifically I went over my evening gown round as well as having some support to put together and practice my on stage speech. I was also offered advice and had some help with jewellery & shoes for the contest, as well as my outfit hair and makeup for my interview!


After all my hard work I was so happy to win Face of the World 2014! I really think coaching is vital to putting together all of your skills, help you to improve and it definitely gives you that extra advantage! Thank you Rach for the advice and help and I'd happily recommend coaching with Rach to any pageant girl!

Kelly Rowland

2nd Runner up – Kelly Rowland, Miss Carmarthenshire Galaxy


I had been competing in pageants for about two years when i went to Rachael for training. i have had training with other girls in the past, however Rachael was so helpful from the moment i contacted her right up to the competition!


firstly before our training session i received a handbook from Rachael with lots of information for me to go through before our session! during our session we covered everything, i felt that my interview was always my strongest round, however after speaking about it with Rachael i learned that i needed to make sure i included a lot more information and we also went over possible answers to a few questions that i always dread in an interview.


we then went on to practice the catwalk rounds Rachel helped me to work out a plan for each round! this helped me feel so much more relaxed on the night as i felt completely prepared and knew exactly what i was doing.


i came away from the training session feeling so much more confident in what i was doing and with lots of notes that i went over again and again before the competition! Rachael was always there to help me with outfit decisions and would answer any questions i had even after our training session. i cannot recommend her enough for anyone looking for that extra help. since my training session i have gone on to win a face of the globe heat and then place top 10 in the international final

Lara Stephen

Miss European Wales 2014

I thoroughly enjoyed my pageant training with Rachael. Rachael put all her efforts in, on what areas I needed to improve with and could not fault her professionalism. I needed to work on interview most of all in the lead up to Miss Galaxy Wales 2014 and I went away with winning the 'Best in interview' award! Thank you Rachael 😀 I have then gone onto win 'Miss European Wales' and actually tieing with the 'Miss European' title, officially coming 'Miss European runner up!', thank you to Rachael for all her hard work and tips - could not recommend enough, Lara

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