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Why consider Coaching?

Targeting your best qualities and teaching you how to refine and improve them for the benefit of your performance in pageants, coaching focuses on where you can improve yourself for your next competition by harnessing your current skills and knowledge to take you to the next level. 


Who should consider coaching?


If you want to educate yourself and gain an advantage over other contestants, you increase your chances of winning substantially by preparing with a professional and reputable coach. The relationship between the client and the coach is an important one.  Your coach has the discretion and professionalism to keep your training experience, wardrobe selections, and content of your sessions private!


If you are a returning contestant and are not completely happy with the results you have been getting, then you might want to consider a coach. 


If you are new to the pageant world coaching is also advantageous – it saves time and money in the long run. You avoid costly mistakes, learn quickly and progress faster. You will also be able to seek guidance on differnt pageant systems and which systems may best suit you.


Key Benefits of Coaching:


Individual attention – You get regular personal time to focus 100% on you and your concerns, goals and dreams – something which is incredibly rare. This intensive focus coupled with total support and trust sets up a unique relationship where magic can happen!


Better communication – How do you talk to people? Do you find yourself struggling in a social setting? Is your lack of communication skills holding you back? Does your interview let you down? Could you brush up your conversation to become a better networker?


Accelerate change – People with coaches move faster and get promoted more quickly to where they want to be. Whether you want to transform your interview, your on stage rounds, etiquette, poise or confidence a coach acts as a catalyst and helps you get the results you want fast.


Focus – Do you want to clarify and set your priorities and start working on them effectively? Some people need greater focus on what they want to achieve, in which case Rachael will make them commit to specific goals and an action plan.


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