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Packages & Lessons.


Your pageant coaching Session should consist of either a Package, Lesson or a combination of both.


Packages and Lessons are designed with you in mind. Everyone will have differing developmental needs, therefore pageant coaching should be unique as you are.


Tour the Package’s page for specific Package details.


For niche areas of support take a look at the Lesson’s page. Lessons can be bolted on to a Package, or you can book Lessons by themselves!


1:1 Tailored Sessions are now available, specifically designed with you in mind. Tailored packages are customised to your particular needs and may consist of some of the contents of the Packages, Lessons, and ongoing sessions or other necessary arrangements.


Should you require a customized support, please fill out an Enrolment form  via the Enrolment page of the website.


Group bookings for 2 or more persons are available, prices vary.





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