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Pageant Coaching Lessons.

For those who would like to focus on a specific niche of pageantry! All lessons are delivered either 30minutes via Face to Face or over FaceTime. All lessons come complete with materials and useful practical information.

Try adding a Lesson on to a Package! Alternatively you can book a minimum of 3 Lessons. What will your combination be?!

Social Media Makeover Lesson £30.00


Social Media is a powerful tool in the run up to your pageant. Those judges and directors will be looking at your profile! Prior to your social media makeover, you will be sent a survey for you to fill out. The survey contains questions that relate to your social media platforms. The purpose is to ascertain where you are now, where you see your social media dreams, goals and aspirations expanding to in the future. Your social media profiles will then be assessed, you can pick up to 3 of the following:


  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

  • YouTube

  • Your Blog/Website 


You will be provided with personalised feedback, with at least 10 recommendations to improve your social media platforms. Following on from this, you will receive worksheets, sample posts, checklists and wonderful ideas that can really help you become more successful online! I will give you advice and ideas of things to post and how to schedule things in and systemise things for greater success which will also save you money, effort and time providing you with more opportunities, publicity and a polished public image.


Appearances Lesson £30.00


Some Pageantry systems in the U.K require you to 'make appearances'. Often, appearacnes may add points to your final score on the night of the pageant. 


So what exactly is an appearance? How do I go about getting one? When do I do them? How often? Why are they critical to my pageant success? Everything you ever needed to know about appearance will be covered. This Lesson includes the following:


  • Advice on how to ‘get’ appearances.

  • Practical letters, templates to use in your networking.

  • Advice on documenting and sharing on social media.

  • Tips when carrying out apperances.

  • A list of the easy top 30 appearance ideas.


Application Paperwork Lesson £30.00


The Application Process is where you need to present yourself in the best way possible in your application form and in your CV! Pageant directors really are looking to work with contestants who are going to be easy to work with. Girls that are charitable, loyal, sweet, mature and professional are the ones the directors are after! So make sure you are really serious about being a beauty queen as it involves hard work, dedication, commitment and strength.

You will need to sell yourself in your application form and really visualize yourself getting to the end, it is pointless to waste time in applying if you are only half committed.


Your initial paperwork is key to setting the right first impression to the director of the pageant, as well as those who will look at your profile on the website, the media, and those involved in pageantry. Create a positive, professional image that shows you are here to do business! Once you have decided which pageant you are entering, please contact immediately for this Lesson. Rachael will personally ensure that your application is:


  • Grammatically correct.

  • Spell checked.

  • Ensuring your content aligns with the organization’s aims, strategies and overall image.

  • Advice on your profile photograph on the pageant's website.


Charity Work Lesson £30.00


Some pageantry systems will require you to raise sums of money for a charitable cause often affiliated with the pageant. Raising vital funds or awareness for causes can seem a little daunting, not to mention hard work! However this part of the contest is not to be overlooked; prizes or points may be offered for the contestant who raises the most charitable funds. Fulfill your title with this complete Lesson on Charity work.  This Lesson covers fund raising, Platforms and other forms of charitable contributions are including:


  • List of fun and easy Fund Raising Ideas

  • Analysis of your Platform/ support to develop a Platform

  • Guide to Charity Work

  • Handy Templates to use when Fund Raising!

Wardrobe Lesson £30.00


Hair, makeup, spray tans, lashes, shoes, dresses, fitness, entry fees and everything in between – it all costs money to enter a pageant! Save time, money and get professionals in to your support network. This will help you along your pageant journey! This Lesson is ideal if you are unsure how to get sponsors and would like practical advice on how to do so. You are guarenteed to get sponsorship with this lesson. The Lesson includes:


  • Guidance on types of shoes to wear.

  • Guidance on where you can buy the perfect pageant Evening Gown.

  • Guidance on Swimwear, colours, styles, where you can purchase your swimwear.

  • Guidance on Fun Fashion Wear, styles and where you can buy the perfect pageant Fun Fashion

  • Accessories: Where to look for the perfect pageant bling!

  • A guide as to what is appropriate for each round.



Perfect Pageant Girl Lesson £30.00


A comprehensive Lesson containing Materials to have you looking polished and exhibiting proper pageant etiquette at all times.


  • Top 100 Pageant Tips - everything from Butt Glue to Social etiquette

  • Beauty Secrets to have you looking the best on the day!

  • How to Apply Makeup: Day look and Night Look.

  • Mind sets and Behaviors Tips of a winner

  • Hair Advice, including styles, styling tips, and tricks of the trade.


Sponsorship Lesson £30.00


Have you thought about getting sponsorships for your pageant? Sponsorships will help you along your pageant journey! Hair, makeup, spray tans, lashes, shoes, dresses, fitness, entry fees and everything in between – it all costs money to enter a pageant! Save yourself precious time as well as money and get the professionals into your support network at no cost to yourself. This Lesson is ideal if you are unsure how to get sponsors and would like practical advice on how to do so. You are guaranteed to get sponsorship with this Lesson. The Lesson includes:


  • Guidance on types of sponsorships.

  • Guidance on what you can give back to a business in exchange for a sponsorship.

  • Advice on how to get a sponsors.

  • Practical letters, templates to use.

  • Tips when finding a sponsors.

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