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To enroll for a Package of your choice at the academy, you can purchase the desired package on the Packages page. Please proceed to completing the form below. You will be contacted shortly afterwards in order to schedule your appointment.



To enroll for a minimum of three Lessons of your choice please complete the form below. You will need to specify the combination of Lessons you desire from the Lessons page. You will then be contacted shortly afterwards to schedule your Lessons and proceed with payment.


Note: You will never be charged a booking fee or consultation fee for any Package or Lesson purchased. Such requirements are figured into prices and session schedues.


Package and Lesson Combination:

You can add one or more Lessons on to your package. Should you wish to have Lessons bolted on to your Package, please complete the enrolment form below with desired requirements. You will then be contacted shortly afterwards to schedule your desired Package and Lessons combination and proceed with payment.



If you are unsure which Package or Lessons you would like to take and would like more advice, please get in touch via the Contact page and you will be contacted shortly afterwards to discuss your options.



To book your session, please submit your Pageant Coaching requirements below.



-   Enrolment Form   -

Your details were sent successfully. Thank you.



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